The Club Caddy™ Review

clubcaddyIf  “The Club Caddy” sound familiar to you, it’s probably because it’s the creation of inventor David Jones, and was the big winner of The Golf Channel’s “Fore Inventors Only” show last year.   David contacted me about checking out his product and I couldn’t resist.  Like most of you, I’m down with just about any thing that has to do with golf.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Club Caddy before now, it’s such a simple invention it’s almost ridiculous.  Basically, it’s a big clip that can be attached to the shaft of any club so you never have to set your club down on the ground again.  It props the club completely upright, so when you take your wedge and putter out to a green side chip, your putter doesn’t have to lay on the ground.  Now I know you’re thinking “Why do I need to carry around another piece of gear when I’ve already got too much stuff in my bag as it is?”.  Well the answer is that the Club Caddy probably isn’t for every golfer.


However, if you have a bad back and have difficulty bending down to the ground without pain, or if you have the same problem with bad knees, then the Club Caddy is perfect for you.  Once you clip it on the club, it’ keeps it upright so you never have to bend down to get your club off the turf.   This is PERFECT for senior golfers who don’t have the flexibility they once did.  It even comes with a mounting bracket so you can hook it right on the side of your bag.

For me, I would definitely use the Club Caddy during those early morning rounds when there’s still moisture on the ground.  Nothing worse than having to set a club down when it’s still wet out, getting the grip soaked, especially the putter.  I’ve been known to prop my putter up on a tee just to keep the grips dry. The Club Caddy solves that problem instantly.

At $14.99, the Club Caddy is a very good deal and is a well made product.  I recommend you pick one up from David’s site

Nice work David.  Looking forward to the next great golf invention.

2 Responses to “The Club Caddy™ Review”

  1. Anthony says:

    I am going to disagree with you on this one. I bought one of these at a local pro-shop and find that it doesn’t work as advertised. No matter what position the clip is placed on the club, it either slips or rotates around the club causing it to fall. I had high hopes for this little product, I give it a double bogey.

    • Christian says:

      That’s strange Anthony. I was able to clip it down above the hozel and it stood up perfectly every time. It clamped on very tightly and stayed secure. Maybe you got a bad one. I’m sure David would help you out with that if you got a defective one.