Titleist gets a new lease on life in the ProV1 patent case

Update to the long running patent feud between Acushnet (Titleist) and Callaway over the ProV1 golf ball. An appeals court has granted Acushnet’s request for a new trial. It was found that the previous court ruling was not valid due to some issues regarding the court not allowing Titleist to present defense evidence.

So how does this affect us? It probably doesn’t. ProV1’s are still in stores and are not in any thread of being taken off shelves anytime soon. At this point however you can go back to paying $55 a dozen and we’ll wait to hear the results of the next trial.

3 Responses to “Titleist gets a new lease on life in the ProV1 patent case”

  1. Mike True says:

    This doesn’t really affect me because I’m not good enough to play with $55 a dozen golf balls. I like titleist, but the cheapies. 🙂

  2. Pro says:

    Gotta have my ProV1. They already took away the Professional 100.

    • Christian says:

      I used to love those Professional 100 balata balls. Man those could spin. But they’d cut like crazy. One mishit and they’d split down the middle.