What’s the craziest golf hole you’ve played?

Every once and while you run across a golf hole and just wonder “was the course architect on dope when he designed this?”  I’ve played some holes that just don’t make sense.  A 112 yard par 3 at the local municipal course comes to mind.  So what’s strange about a short par 3 you ask?  Well, you tee off on the side of a cliff for starters.  Most billy goats would have a difficult time getting to the tee boxes.  If you can make it up the hill, you’re aiming for a postage stamp green about 200 feet below, where, depending on the wind at that altitude you might have to hit a 7 iron..or it could be a half loft wedge.  Now does that make any kind of sense…I didn’t think so.

While that par 3 is just plain stupid, the most ridiculous hole I’ve ever played has to be the hole dubbed “The Tail of the Whale” at the Jack Nicklaus course at Punta Mita, Mexico.  It’s a 194 yard par 3,  from the black tees, to an island green in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  That’s right, the green was constructed on a natural rocky island off the coast of Punta Mita.  When the tide is up, the only way to get on the island to putt out is by a 6 wheeled amphibious vehicle standing by to run you out to your ball.


Luckily, this hole is #3B.  You can play hole 3A, a normal short par 3,  as part of your round, and if you want to try your luck with this monster hole, you’re free to give it a shot.  The days I played, the wind was howling onshore.  I hit a 2 iron both times and was lucky enough to make the island, but neither shots held the green and rolled off the back.  If memory serves, I got up and down for par on both occasions.



It’s a strange feeling, number one, to be driving through the ocean with a wedge and putter in hand to find your ball, but secondly, to be standing on the island looking back to shore.  Very surreal.   I can’t wait to get back there and try it again.

What would you say is the strangest hole you’ve ever played?


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  • Matt
    August 24, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    There is a course in San Diego, CA called Salt Creek (used to be called the Auld Course) that had a very unusual par 5. The first time I played it the yardage book said 305 yds to the creek. I’m not a big hitter, so I took out my driver and gave it a whack. The fairway dips down a little bit so you can’t see your ball. Never found it, so I assumed it rolled into the creek. No big deal. Played it again a little while later, and trying to play smart I took my 3-iron and just tried to pop it out there nowhere near the creek. Well, the fairways are fast and downhill and my ball took a hard bounce and rolled right into the creek, 305 yds. away!!! Now, I’m all for golf courses where you need to think your way around the course, but that hole was ridiculous. I think the last time I played it, I hit 5 iron, 3 wood, PW. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the course.

  • Cody Taylor
    August 25, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    The 4th image and 10th image on this funny golf page are pretty crazy. I’ve never played them of course and the 4th one is definitely photoshopped but still good holes.

  • Pro
    August 27, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    #15 The Links at Stono Ferry – Charleston, SC

    194 yard Par 3 from island Tee Box.

  • Tim McDonald
    September 16, 2010 at 6:57 am

    No. 1 at Skukuza Golf Course. It’s inside the Kruger National Park in South Africa. I teed off in front of a pond, where deep, gutteral noises emanated from. Turns out they were hippos. I learned later a woman had been killed by them a week earlier.

    Lions have been known to walk across the course, as well as zebras, leopards and elephants. I personally witnesses a small group of warthogs grazing in the fairways.

    A sign at the entrance says “Beware: WIld ANimals. Play at Your Own Risk!” You have to sign a waiver before they let you tee off.

    Great time!

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