A Coyote moved my golf ball..what’s the ruling?

You may have seen my Tweet about this yesterday, but I was out getting 9 holes in around dusk, and I hit my approach shot into a green side bunker on  #3 .  As I’m walking up to the green, a Coyote comes from out of the brush, runs into the bunker and picks up my ball.  He proceeds to carry it back into the trees when I yell at him.  He stops and looks back at me and then drops my ball about 40-50 feet away from the balls original position in the bunker, and on a lousy, hard pan lie I might add.

After wiping the coyote saliva off my ball, I just played the shot from where he dropped it, but I got to thinking about the ruling on this situation.  Would I have been able to replace my ball back in the bunker, nearest it’s original lie/location?  Do I have to play it where the coyote dropped it?  Do I get a choice?  What would have been the right way to proceed under these circumstances to avoid breaking any rules?

Maybe this means I’ll have good luck from now on…but probably only in Haiti.

Coyote Bunker

7 Responses to “A Coyote moved my golf ball..what’s the ruling?”

  1. Wire says:

    LOLOL! Funniest golf blog entry ever.

  2. Christian says:

    I’m not sure it’s the funniest EVER…but it was a strange event for sure. I’m just happy the coyote didn’t run off with my ball altogether.

  3. Craig Green says:

    haha..strange indeed!

  4. […] Tour Blog Golf recently wrote about a golf outing where a coyote rushed out of the brush, picked up the golf ball and carried it about 40-50 feet away before dropping it again. The ball, which was originally almost to the green, was now in a lousy position. […]

  5. That was a good one… … entertaining indeed!

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  6. kewlkat says:

    I would think you should have the choice. that is a ruling similar to an act of God. I have never heard of such. What did you do?

  7. This is hilarious and im sorry ,but i think its only fair you get to put the ball back where it landed before i know i would of.