It’s time for some new sticks

After more than 2 years of playing Nike Pro Combo Tour Forged irons, I’ve decided it’s time for some new sticks.  I really have no good reason to change other than I’m having a sudden bout of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which probably isn’t the best reason in the world to switch.  Actually, truth be told, I have a friend who works for Callaway Golf, and I can get just about any clubs for half of retail price, so that helped me make up my mind.

So what clubs am I going with?..2009 Callaway X-Forged.  I should point out that I have never actually hit these clubs before, so I have no idea what they’re like.  I know, I know…I should know better than to buy any clubs without trying them first.  Believe me, I’ve been wanting to try these out, but being left handed, and that they’re not clubs your average golfer would probably purchase, not a single golf shop in my area has a set in stock.  So, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.  Heck, for the price I’m paying, if for some reason I absolutely hate them, I could probably make a few bucks selling them on eBay.

When I wrote the post last week about the quality of Nike golf equipment, I was contemplating checking out a set of the Nike Victory Red irons, as I have no belief that Nike gear is of sub-standard quality, however when I remembered that I could probably get a great deal on the Callaway’s, that sealed the deal in my mind.

So, I sent in all my specs; 3-PW,  2 degrees upright, +1/4″ TT Dynamic Gold XS shafts, and in a couple weeks I should have a nice set made for me.  I sure hope they remember the “left handed” part…that’s kind of important. Thanks Courtney for hooking me up..much appreciated.

Be sure to check back because you can be sure I’ll be posting a review on these after giving them a good testing.  If you have any thoughts on these clubs, I’d love to hear them.

3 Responses to “It’s time for some new sticks”

  1. The X-Forged are solid irons, nice feel for a Callaway iron. I played the predecessor to the X-Forged, the X-Tour for quite a while, served me well! However, GAS always seems to grab hold of me, and these days it is difficult to commit to one set for more than 6 weeks 🙂 Hope you enjoy the X-Forged!

  2. Christian says:

    Good to know Sean, thanks. I’m really looking forward to hitting these irons.

  3. Parshooters says:

    I don’t believe in buying expensive golf equipment without trying them out first. The clubs must fit to you not you fitting to your clubs.

    Seeking advice before buying can save you alot of heartache and pain in the wallet if these new clubs don’t perform to your expectations. That is why I recommend seeing a licensed professional and not a golf
    club manufacturing representative. He maybe a friend but, he’s also a salesman first. A club pro can measure you physically ( head and wrist to floor for height) but connect your swing using the latest in computer

    Good Luck with your new clubs? By now you should know if these clubs are right for you.