Tiger Wins, Phil Wins, the world is in order

Coming into today, I never could have predicted that Lefty would have played the round he did.  The guy is just hot or not…but today Phil was on fire.  As always, it’s so much fun to watch Mickelson when he’s in form.  It’s too bad Tiger couldn’t get a birdie or two earlier in the round and put a little more pressure on Phil.

Either way, how could we ask for anything more.  Both Tiger and Phil winning on the same day.  It’s a PGA Tour dream.   What are your thoughts about the final round of the Tour Championship or the FedEx cup standings?

Here’s a wrap up if you missed any of the action today.

2 Responses to “Tiger Wins, Phil Wins, the world is in order”

  1. Jason says:

    I am a huge Tiger Woods fan but I kinda like seeing other golfers win for a change and Phil is always entertaining

  2. DotGolf says:

    I’m a Tiger fan….but golf fan too!