Kinda feels like Fall here in So. Cal

I woke up this morning, heard the wind rustling in the trees and went outside to see how the day looked and there was actually a little nip in the air.  Yeah, even Southern California get’s cool now and then.  With all of the hot weather we’ve had in the past month, it’s kind of refreshing to know that Fall is on the way, and while we don’t have the seasonal colors that you folks round the country generally have, it’s starting to feel like Summer has left us.  Hard to believe it’s October already.  Before you know it Christmas will be here.  I keep telling myself that one day I will get a round of golf in on Christmas day…even though the wife might have something else to say about it.

Fortunately, round these parts, we don’t have a “golf season”.  We play the rear round, but I know a lot of the rest of you are probably winding down your 2009 golf season.  How many more days to you figure before you’ll have to start checking the snow reports before heading to the course?

2 Responses to “Kinda feels like Fall here in So. Cal”

  1. GolfinLove says:

    Love this post. My buddies in Milwaukee tease me when I tell them it is chilly out here in San Diego. “Yeah, right!” they say, I bet icicles are growing from your roof!

    It is funny how I enjoy golf in all of the seasons except summer these days! Sweater weather rocks!