The lost golf balls of Loch Ness

On a recent expedition to try and find evidence of the Loch Ness monster, U.S. research teams came across something quite unexpected — not a prehistoric creature of the deep , but golf balls.  Approximately 300 yards from the shore and 754 feet below the loch’s surface sit over a thousand golf balls.  Apparently area locals have been using Loch Ness as their personal driving range for quite some time and seeing as that the balls are almost 300 yards offshore, it looks like they’ve got some game. 

Now if any of you "Ball Hawkers" are getting any ideas about going after these gem’s, just remember that Nessy might have something to say about you taking those Titleists from her lake.


5 Responses to “The lost golf balls of Loch Ness”

  1. DotTennis says:

    Nessie……the golf monster player!….

  2. kewlkat says:

    Awesome! lol Reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer went to the beach and made a “hole in one”. Thank goodness they had a marine biologist on hand to save the whale.
    Kewl Kat

  3. DotGolf says:

    Nessie……the golf monster player!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

  4. Frank Local says:

    What if they’re eggs? haha

  5. Sets Golf says:

    Golf eggs! There was a classic Beverly Hillbillies episode where Jed joins a country club and is invited to “shoot some golf”.This makes him think that a “golf” was some kind of bird and that the balls were eggs. Granny tries to cook them, but can’t because they are too tough. It was pretty hilarious. Those Scots are pretty inventive people.