Best of the Tour Golf Blog 2009

Here’s a recap of some of the best articles here on the Tour Golf Blog for 2009.  Some of these stories we’d just as soon forget, but I’d like to think that they were all informative and helpful, in some small way to you guys.  We’re looking forward to the 2010 golf season,  which should prove to be interesting at the very least.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have a few more contests and giveaways in 2010, plus you’ll get even more of the sarcastic golf commentary that you’ve come to love so much.  So check out our Best of 2009 list and enjoy.

Big Break Disney & Andrew Giuliani

Top 10 mistakes all newbie golfers make

Nike Golf Equipment – Poor Quality?

Are You a Shanker?

The Callaway uPro Golf GPS.

Loudmouth Golf… Dear Lord What Have They Done?

The Demise of Myrtle Beach Golf

Is Sergio Garcia intentionally a jerk…

Phil Mickelson’s Man Boobs…Gone for Good?