Elin Woods New Home in Sweden

Here’s a photo of the new home purchased by Elin & Tiger Woods, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.  Best part of this little retreat, you can only get there by boat.  Not sure if Privacy is going to be able to tie up at that little dock.  She reportedly paid 2.2 million dollars for the farmland and will be moving over soon.   I’d be willing to bet the paparazzi will find new and creative ways to gain access.  Think wave runners or parachutes.   Time will tell if this little corner of the world is far enough away from the mayhem so Tiger and his family can try to put their lives back together.  Funny, it looks a little like Alcatraz, and TW certainly is on lockdown.


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  • Golfurlaub in Schweden
    March 10, 2011 at 7:25 am

    What a lovely place out in the archipelago outside Stockholm. And if Elin wants to play golf, there are many options around 🙂

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