Go Green with Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Eco Canteen Stainless Steel Water BottlesIf you take water with you on the golf course when you play (which you should be doing), you most likely fill up a plastic water bottle or buy a bottle that you can carry in your golf bag or cart.  I’ve been doing this for years, and never really thought much about it, but that adds up to a lot of plastic bottles that need to be disposed of.  Even if you recycle the plastic, that’s still waste that has to be processed.

I started doing some research on a better way to take water with me and came across the Eco Canteen.  This aluminum water bottle is a great way to go green and take water with you where ever you go.  You’ll eliminate plastic water bottle waste, which can last up to 700 years if deposited in our landfills.

The Eco Canteen comes in a 26 ounce size and a 12 ounce size, which fits nicely in the side pocket of a golf bag. At just under $10 bucks, these are a great way to carry water with you on the course, or anywhere for that matter, and drastically reduce the amount of plastic that enters our landfills.  Click the banner below to get more information and order yours.

4 Responses to “Go Green with Stainless Steel Water Bottles”

  1. Yes! There is an enormous amount of plastic sitting in landfills. The choices we make today will effect the environment in the future for ourselves and generations to come. Using refillable water bottles and reducing plastic use will have a great impact…whether the bottles are glass or stainless steel. And, if you use a refillable glass or stainless steel water bottle there is no need to worry about plastic leeching into the water. Great blog post!

  2. Ken Marion says:

    I agree that Stainless steel is the way to go. But there is a difference between food grade stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel (sometimes called 18/8) is the best grade of stainless steel. If you don’t get 304 stainless steel you will probably get a metallic taste from your bottle. The Eco canteen mentioned above is not 304 stainless steel from what I could tell. I found some bottles that are 304 stainless steel and cost less than the Eco. The bottles cost less and the shipping is less and the bottles are beautiful. I bought 4 of them. they have a 12oz 25oz and 40oz and all kinds of accessories. The web site is http://www.greenvirginproducts.com. They even have a lifetime warranty.

  3. Amy Wike says:

    The best thing is, they’re BPA free!

  4. Emily says:

    Hello! I’m loving all of the great BPA free products on the market these days! As mentioned by Ken above, there is a difference in the steel. I personally prefer Klean Kanteen bottles. They don’t leach, are very versatile, and are extremely durable. While they definitely cost more than $10, these bottles more than pay for themselves. I’m hooked :). Thanks for the article!