Congrats to Phil Mickelson, 2010 Masters Champ.

Now THAT was a Masters.  The Tiger comeback drama.  Freddy & Tom working to become the oldest major winner in history.  The British contingent at the top of the leaderboard.  And then there was Phil.

Anyone who didn’t, for at least one moment, think that he was about to make 3 eagles in a row on Saturday is just plain lying.  In my mind, that was the chain of events that lit a fire under Phil and set his Sunday win in motion.

Nothing against Westwood, he played brilliantly, but in the end,  he got spanked.  Phil was in the zone and was unstoppable. Save for that pesky lose impediment that fell out from the sky and all but stopped his put early in the round.  Had Mickelson lost by one stroke, that would have been the most talked about piece of foliage in the history of golf.   But Phil pushed on and played some of the most inspired golf we’ve seen from him in quite some time. 

With all that the Mickelson family has gone through in the past year, they truly deserve a joyful occasion such as this, and Phil was able to bring that home to them yesterday.  Being that the Masters is my absolute favorite event in golf..hands down, I’m now left saddened as we have 355+ days until Masters week begins again.

A huge congratulations to Lefty, the 2010 Masters Champion…You’re my boy Phil…you’re my boy.

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  1. mobilechamps says:

    Now THAT was a Masters. Nice title for this article. well played Phill….