Freddy Couples Golf Shoes

Forget about the return of Tiger Woods, everyone wants to know about Freddy Couples golf shoes..If you’ve been watching any golf lately, including the Masters or the Champions Tour, you’ve no doubt seen Freddy Couples and his spiffy…boat shoes?  Skateboard shoes? Bowling shoes?…well I guess they’re golf shoes.  But these aren’t just any golf shoe, they’re the Golf Street Premier golf shoe by Ecco.

Freddy’s been in search of the “most comfortable golf shoe” for some time, and he’s found it in this model by Ecco.  Not only is it not like any other golf shoe you’ll see on the course, but Freddy enjoys wearing them sans socks.  While the shoe does have some nubby traction on the sole, it certainly doesn’t appear to have enough grip to endure sloppy wet conditions.

From my research, these shoes are only available as part of the International Ecco Collection, so you won’t find these on the Ecco USA site.  However, there have been several pairs of these shoes on ebay as of late.

Ecco Golf Street Premier Shoes on eBay

Now that we’ve put that mystery to rest, we can move on to bigger and better golf issues. You may also consider getting the latest mens loafers for casual wear once you are off the course.


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