The Caddie Buddy – An Affordable GPS Mounting System

the Caddie BuddyI’ve been using a SkyCaddie for the better part of 2 years, and I’ve always balked at purchasing a cart mount system for the unit.  Why? Because SkyCaddie wants more than $50 for the darn thing, and that just seemed excessive.  So it generally, it ended up sitting in the cup holder or hooked onto my bag, neither of which is a very good option.  Fortunately, there’s a great alternative to the OEM SkyCaddie mount and it’s called the Caddie Buddy.

The guys over at Caddie Buddy were nice enough to send us one to test out and after putting it through it’s paces, the Caddie Buddy passes with high marks.  Here’s some of what we really like about the device.

  • Ready to go out of the box.  No set up whatsoever.  Just clamp it on and go.Caddie Buddy Side View
  • Price is only $19.95.  This is the best part. You could buy 2 of these for less than the cost of the OEM unit.
  • Solid mounting system.  No worries of your GPS unit bouncing down the cart path
  • Great articulation.  Moves into various positions so you and the cart driver can see the unit.
  • Works on pull/push carts as well.  If you’re a walker, this is a great feature for you.
  • High quality ABS plastic isn’t going to break down anytime soon.
  • Compatible with almost every Golf GPS Unit with a belt clip attachment – click here to see the list

If you own a SkyCaddie or other golf GPS unit, you definitely should pick up a Caddie Buddy.  Not only will it let you view your yardages much easier, but it will keep your GPS device safe and out of the way.  You can see additional photos and get ordering information at their website.

8 Responses to “The Caddie Buddy – An Affordable GPS Mounting System”

  1. Golfalot says:

    We are retired and enjoy playing golf, traveling and meeting up with friends. I always bring along my electric golf caddy, as well as my GPS holder it clamps on to my caddy.It lets me play this great game and get some exercise at the same time. My remote electric golf caddy is like my 15th club.

  2. golfnut says:

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  3. Arthur says:

    golf is my favourite nike is also

  4. I prefer to walk, also, there are some courses that do not allow you to drive off of the cart path. This seems like overdoing it to me. I love sky caddies though, they speed up play and are so much easier to use than the traditional laser.

  5. What happened to the good old game of Golf, today it’s more of a science than just having a nice fun day out..

    $20 – really not bad…

  6. golf trolley says:

    woo, that’s cool. Well, i am the one who feel ok for manufacturers to bring advanced tech to sports, sports need develop, too.

  7. Sounds like a great alternative to the high priced option. I guess I am a dinosaur but I have never used gps when golfing. Sounds like I need to step my game up.

  8. Mleopold says:

    That is a great device to hold another great device (the skycaddie gps). Making the gps hands free is one less thing to worry about as you approach your ball and prepare for your next shot.