Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Review

Callaway Diablo Octane DriverI recently had a chance to test out the Callaway Diablo Octane driver which claims to be lighter, faster and stronger than any other driver on the market. Yeah, we haven’t heard that in at least a week.   Callaway is using a new technology called “Forged Composite”, which is lighter & stronger than Titanium.  They’re attempting to reduce the weight of the driver head to allow maximum club head speed.  More speed = more distance.  Makes sense, but does it actually work?  With all of the marketing hype out of the way, let’s get down to what matters.   I tested the 9.5* Tour version of the Diablo Octane, with the stock Project X shaft, extra stiff.

The Tour version of the Diablo Octane has a 450cc head, as opposed to the 460cc head on the standard version.  The tour also has a full length hosel, where the non-tourdriver has the hosel-less design.  I immediately liked the way the Diablo Octane looks at address.  It has a nice classic shape and it is noticeably smaller than the 460cc drivers most of us are used to playing .  The club sits nicely behind the ball as well, properly squaring itself.  I’ve noticed that some drivers don’t sit well behind the ball and can be unstable, which is distracting when you’re trying to get yourself aligned and set up properly.

Now I don’t normally get wowed after just a few shots with any club, but this driver blew my mind right out of the gate.  The face on this club is so hot, that the ball jumps off of it like no other driver I’ve seen.  And the sound is excellent, providing instant feedback as to where you’ve hit it on the face.  My driving average is in the 275 range, but I hit several 290 and even broke the 300 yard mark within my first dozen shots with the Diablo Octane.  This was on a  dry, flat fairway with little to no wind, so the elements were not much of a factor.  With this shaft head combination the ball flight is high, but not balloonish.  The ball gets up in the air and carries a long way.

I was fully prepared for the stock Project X shaft to be a complete piece of junk, but again I was blown away.  The shaft reacts very nicely and while it may not have the right launch properties for everyone, I found that it fit my swing well and performs perfectly in combination with the Tour head.  Unfortunately I’m not able to perform any of the number tests on this driver to get spin, launch and speed stats, but let’s just say that this driver feels noticeably lighter than other drivers currently on the market which will definitely help increase your clubhead speed.

Conclusions: This driver is a winner and will be going in my bag immediately.  I easily picked up 15-20 yards on average with this driver compared to the Titleist 909D2 I tested it against.   The look and feel is amazing and the stock shaft is not the junk noodle shaft you would normally find in an off the rack driver.  The price on the Callaway Diablo Octane Tour is very reasonable, at anywhere from $250-$300 depending on where you pick it up.  This driver will help you improve your distance off the tee and I highly recommend that you test one for yourself if  you’re in the market for a new driver.

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  2. Alex Whittet says:

    Fantastic review, thanks a lot! Ernie has already had success with the Octane Tour so it definitely looks like one for the future.

    • Christian says:

      You’re welcome. I noticed that Ernie was playing it, but I’m wondering if Phil will ever get rid of his FT-9. I played the FT-9 for a while to and it’s good, but the Diablo Octane blows it away.

  3. Alex Whittet says:

    I’m not sure if the Octane has enough fade bias for Phil, I think this is a more neutrally weighted driver. I think he will move to it eventually, it’s just a case of the Callaway engineers playing around with the weight positioning for him!

  4. Golf blog says:

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  5. Just left the Phoenix open this weekend. Would love to play that course with one of these.

  6. Thanks for this fantastic detailed review. Sounds like a fantastic driver the Diablo Octane. Will take a look at it closer through your link. Cheers.

  7. Its a lovely looking driver, over here in the uk the octane driver has different paint finish. The model is actually called ‘Diablo Octane Black’. I e-mailed Callaway on this and apparently this black finish was only added after the US release but they decided to implement it on the UK/European release. They said it is a modification but the overall performance would be very similar. Love the promo vids on the callaway website with the whole Lamborghini race test, very neat!

  8. Johnebro says:

    Looks and sound like an impressive club. I always believe a lite club is the way to go. What is the best shaft that Callaway make and what price is it?

    • Christian says:

      It’s a great club. I’ve got the stock Project X shaft in it that comes from Callaway, and I was skeptical at first, but I’ve found it to be as good as a premium, aftermarket shaft. Usually the OEM shafts are junk, but this one is very good quality.