The Rule TwentyOne Towel by Rule Golf

rule golf rule twentyoneHere’s a cool new product by Rule Golf for all you golfers who like to carry your cleaning towel around with you on the course.  The RuleTwentyOne is an extremely lightweight golf towel with a twist.  You can soak it in water to keep the inside of the towel damp for cleaning your ball on the putting green, but the outside stays completely dry so you can carry it around in your back pocket without getting your trousers soaking wet.   Pretty slick huh.  The best part about this towel is not only is it very functional, the thing looks cool too.

At only $12.00, this little towel is a must have, even if you just keep it on your bag for cleaning your ball between holes.  Lots of colors to pick from, so you can match your outfit for the day, if you’re into that Ricky Fowler type of thing.   So stop putting with clumps of mud on your ball and get your game together.  The RuleTwentyOne will help you make more putts, by simply cleaning up your act.

Rule Golf has some other innovative products too, including the RuleEleven eco-friendly, reusable tee and the RuleSixteen ball marker alignment aid.  You view & order these products right from their website at

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  • golf trolley
    February 16, 2011 at 4:55 am

    It seems that this is really a must-have thing. Er, golf is really a noble game, although it may not that gentle.

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