Tiger Woods 2012 Game to Feature Augusta National…Finally

Tiger Woods 2012Let’s face it, the Tiger Woods game franchise hasn’t changed much over the past few versions.  Sure they threw in some additional gaming mode options, but overall we’ve been stuck with basically the same players, same courses and the same game play for at least 3-4 years of TW games.  Looks like this is all about to change for the 2012 version of EA Sport’s Tiger Woods.  The big news is that the next version of the game will FINALLY include Augusta National and the opportunity for us to play the Masters, just like the big boys.  Even if they change nothing else in the game, which it doesn’t look as if they have, it will be worth the $50 to play Augusta.

Honestly, I still can’t believe the old coots down there allowed the course to be mapped and added to the game.  They’re so protective of the Augusta National name and image I figured it would never happen, but it is happening.

Oh, and if you take a peek at the cover art for the game, you’ll notice something is missing.  Can you guess what it is?  That’s right Tiger Woods himself.  But while TW isn’t on the cover of his own game EA Sports President Peter Moore told reporters in a conference call that the cover is not an indicator of intent to end their relationship with Woods.

I can’t wait to play some of the holes that I’ve admired for so many years.  Even with Tiger’s struggling image in the past year, the addition of Augusta to the course list is bound to make Tiger Woods 2012 a huge seller.

What do you think…will you be buying this game?

Screen Shots of Augusta National TW2012

augusta national

augusta national

augusta national 3


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