John Daly Suing the Honda Classic

Looks like John Daly is suing the Honda Classic, claiming he injured himself while trying to stop his backswing while a fan was trying to take his picture during the event in 2007.   Apparently he’s seeking $15,000 in damages when he aggravated this old injury as a woman was attempting to take a flash photograph of him during his round

Spectators were prevented from taking cameras on to the course at that tournament.

Daly ended up withdrawing from that event four years ago and stated that security was negligent because they allowed the woman on the course with a camera and they failed to remove her after he told them she had a camera.

Not sure why this has become an issue 4 years after it happened, but it looks like John Daly and the PGA Tour just don’t get along much these days.  He’s also stated earlier this year that he will boycott several tournaments in the future, as he did not receive sponsors exemptions to tournaments he felt he deserved to play in.   Give the guy a break.  He’s still a great personality for the game.

What do you think about the rule not allowing patrons to bring cameras onto the course during tournaments?

6 Responses to “John Daly Suing the Honda Classic”

  1. Could this be an indication of his current financial situation? Having said $15k to even him isn’t really worth talking about is it? How is Big john doing on the sponsorship front at the moment? I’m sure I read somewhere that is was the sponsors that were keeping him financially alive on tour and without them he wouldn’t be able to survive. He’s Still great to watch…off the tee anyway : )

  2. Christian says:

    Yeah, if he’s suing for a measly 15k from an event 4 years ago, something’s not right. I don’t know the extent of his sponsors, aside from Loudmouth Clothing.

  3. They told us we couldn’t bring cameras or phones to the last tournament I was at, about 1 in 10 people got checked if they had a purse/bag.

  4. ddish81 says:

    I hate hearing these stories about John Daly (or Tiger). These guys have so much talent, but let other things prevent them from continued greatness. When Daly or Tiger are on though, it is truely a thing of beauty!

  5. Paul says:

    I am not sure why John would be involved in a trivial lawsuit unless there are financial problems. I think it is best to keep distractions such as cameras off the course on the professional tour. Can’t see how their would be liability for someone sneaking a camera in to the tournament.

  6. i think if they focus on their game,cameras are not the hindrances for them to win the tournament.they must be flattered a lot of people admire them.and interested to them.