Did you get your free golf glove from Express Golf? Make sure you don’t miss out next time!…

ExpressGolf.co.uk gave away over 1000 free golf gloves, worth an astonishing £8000 to the lucky readers of Today’s Golfer magazine to celebrate the launch of their new golf equipment website, where all you had to do was place an order at www.expressgolf.co.uk to claim a free glove.

Jordan Gibson of ExpressGolf.co.uk says:

”We had an amazing response to the offer of the free Footjoy glove and hope that everyone who was quick enough to order theirs before they sold out has received their free glove in good time.

The idea behind the free glove offer was to get golfers onto the new golf equipment website and to experience how easy it is to place an order using the new Express Checkout (which gets even easier to use the next time you shop).

It was a good exercise for us to show anyone that placed an order, the high level of customer service that we are aiming to deliver by letting them know where their order was in the process, making it easy for them to see that their order was received, processed and shipped accordingly within 2 days.”

This was the first of many planned offers to get more golfers using their new website and enjoying their low prices, excellent service and extra discounts and promotions.

Make sure you don’t miss out next time by signing up here to their free emails that promise more great offers, competions to win big and exclusive online discount codes for you to use on your next purchase.


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