Kevin Na – Anatomy of a 16 Stroke Hole

I realize this is slightly old, but for those of you who missed it a couple weeks ago, Kevin Na managed to make a 16 on the Par 4 9th hole in the opening round of the Texas Valero Open.  He took so many strokes that he, nor his caddie, could even add up the score.  All of this could have been avoided if he had gone back to the tee after the second tee shot was unplayable.

Shots 1-2: Slices his tee shot right, into the woods. Na walks off and finds his ball, which is declared an unplayable lie.

3: He goes back to the tee and hits another shot which again goes right, into the woods. Na then hits a third, provisional tee shot, which goes left. He abandons the provisional ball after being unable to find it and opts to play his second tee shot on the right.

4-5: Stuck in the woods, he plays the ball only for it to hit a tree and rebound back onto him. He is forced to take a one shot penalty.

6: Ball unplayable where it lies.

7: Takes extra shot in bid to escape woods. Fails to progress.

8: Again, attempts to hit ball in woods, this time left-handed. Misses ball.

9: Hits ball in woods, once more left-handed. Ball advances… just.

10: Still in the woods, moves ball on a few inches.

11: Again, hits ball in woods and still does not get out of the trees.

12: Chips ball and advances to within inches of rough.

13: Finally, finally. Successfully gets ball out of woods into the rough… applause from disbelieving crowd.

14: Plays from rough to the fringe.

15: Plays from fringe on to the green.

16: Makes putt from 5ft 10in.

Watch the disaster unfold for yourself.

One Response to “Kevin Na – Anatomy of a 16 Stroke Hole”

  1. Btrumps says:

    This just goes to show that nobody is perfect. A successful golfer lke Kevin Na blew up for that ONE hole. He managed to come back after that 12-over on the hole, which is tough feat as it is. Kevin Na should not be looked down upon after this, but looked up to, as a successful golfer that overcame a major setback.