T.V. Coverage of the Majors SUCKS!

It’s always the same thing when the golf majors are on, which ever T.V. network has rights to the broadcast will only pickup the action after about 3+ hours of golf have already been played.  On the west coast, the final round of the Masters doesn’t air until 11:00 am, which means there’s been a lot of good stuff happening, that most of us who watch golf would like to see.  If NBC or ESPN or whoever is broadcasting the golf doesn’t want to show anything early in the morning, why the hell don’t they let the Golf Channel show some golf until the 11:00 hour?

I know that Golf Channel and NBC recently partnered up, so for the regular weekly tournaments, the Golf Channel will have Thursday and Friday, plus weekend morning coverage, but for the Majors, we miss so much of the action because these networks can’t find a way to work together so we get to see the full tournament.

I can’t be the only golf fan that this pisses off.  Let’s get this figured out already so we, the viewers, can see just a little more of the best golf tournaments of the year.


One Reply to “T.V. Coverage of the Majors SUCKS!”
  • Bob DiTullio
    May 22, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    I am 71 years old and a 12 handicap.
    Like everyone else, I’m always looking for the “silver bullet” in equipment that will give me an edge and improve my game.
    Like others, there is rarely a “silver bullet”, except for the Diablo Octane driver.
    A friend told me that he hit the driver and it definitely was noteably longer. I tried the club about 2 months ago and absolutely, I am at laest 10 yards+ longer on all drives. This is particularly helpful to be on the green in regulation on longer par 4s.
    This is a great club!! and a tribute to the Italian engineering that created it in the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento-yes, the “6th element”(carbon) is a real winner!

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