How about this kid Patrick Cantlay

patrick cantlay shoots 60Nineteen-year-old UCLA star Patrick Cantlay shot a course-record 10-under 60 – the lowest PGA TOUR round ever by an amateur – to take a four-stroke lead Friday in the Travelers Championship.  He had a great showing last week in the U.S. Open as well.  Could we be seeing a superstar in the making?  Even Rory McIlroy Tweeted “Patrick Cantlay……… RESPECT!!”

Now if you had this kind of game, would you finish your college career, or get out there on the tour and start making some bank?

10 Responses to “How about this kid Patrick Cantlay”

  1. With young talent like this constantly arriving on tour, the loss of Tiger Woofs will be missed less and less. This kid has performed amazingly well under pressure, and shooting 60 is just phenomenal. Will be keeping an eye on him, for sure.

  2. Sam says:

    I think it is too soon for him to leave UCLA. He can still play and go
    to school. Unless he were to do something like win 2 PGA events this summer, then I would rethink it.

    Another thing to think about is that in the past when we have seen flashes of brilliance from good young players and then they are deemed to possibly be the “Next Nicklaus”. That is a lot to live up too. Finishing college is a decision he will have to make for himself.

  3. Scott says:

    He has plenty of time to develop his game. The mistake Michelle Wie made, and what many of the young women make is that they don’t learn how to win before turning pro. They ALL have the talent. Don’t turn pro too soon unless you are dominating the level you are at. Cantlay is playing well, but I would like to see him stay in school a couple more years. Even Tiger got in a couple years of college before he turned pro.

  4. Hopefully he doesn’t “burn out” at a young age, because he definitely has a bright future!

  5. says:

    Let us hope he doesn’t tire from the rigorous schedule and fall off the radar.

  6. If he is only 19 and showing promise, and if he stays on track (ie don’t let it get to your head) he can only go up from there… Wish you all the luck in the world…

  7. John Wallace says:

    Let’s hope he’s able to stay focused and doesn’t let his success ruin his bright future.

  8. He should just go for it and become a golf legend, if he has got the skills and the right mind. Right now he is a quite promising star I think!

  9. Margaret C says:

    I’d get on the tour. Try to get some money in the bank. The tour is rigorous – try to stay young, have fun. Of course the mom in me says ‘when you get the chance – finish college’.

  10. Merri says:

    I would get out on tour and start making some money! That’s awesome, what a great kid!