What do Steve Williams & Pat Perez Have In Common…?

They’re both arrogant dicks who have little respect for the game of golf.

Let’s start with Steve.  We all know about the firing and hiring that has gone down in the past weeks.  And I was very excited for Adam Scott to get a good win this past weekend at Firestone, but what happened after was WAY uncalled for.  The network actually interviewed Steve Williams after Adam won. Yes, they interviewed a caddie.  When was the last time you saw that happen?  Steve went on to say that this was the best win he’s ever had, that’s right you heard it.  Out of all the majors he was with Tiger and every other tournament Woods won, this WGC event with Adam Scott trumps everything else.  Now if that’s not just a bitter, angry dig at Tiger for letting him go, then I don’t know what is.  If Scott doesn’t put the reigns on Williams sooner than later, he’s going to become the spotlight of that partnership and Scott will be on the losing end.  Oh and Steve….that wasn’t YOUR win.  Last time I checked you’re still a caddie and Adam Scott was swinging the sticks.  Keep your mouth shut from now on so you don’t look like an even bigger A-Hole.  Unfortunately Scott’s great performance yesterday will be overshadowed by this interview.  Nice job Adam, great tournament.

And for Pat Perez…is this guy the biggest sore loser, cry baby in the history of golf?  He’s down by one after his final round at the Reno/Tahoe Open, waiting near the 18th green for the leader Scott Piercy to finish up.  When Perez realizes that he probably isn’t going to win or go to a playoff, he storms under the ropes, past a couple of kids who are just trying to give him a bottle of water.  Un-tucks his shirt and takes his glove out of his back pocket and throws it on the ground.  Very mature behavior and a real asset to the game of golf.  Yeah right.  Both of these guys need an attitude check.  Have some respect for the game and for the people who play it.  You’re in a fortunate position to make a living from the game of golf.  Start showing a little appreciation.

Perez acting like a jerk.

6 Responses to “What do Steve Williams & Pat Perez Have In Common…?”

  1. Adriel says:

    Looks like the second video got pulled

  2. Patrick says:

    At least Pat Perez got on Twitter after that move and admitted to it being a jerk move and tried to make up for it after the fact. Heat of the moment d-bag move but I respect the guy for doing the right thing afterwards.

  3. Sam Goble says:

    We have watched a sport that was graced with the likes of Nicklaus, Palmer and others like him who led with maturity. It’s unfortunate that we are seeing bad examples from the two mentioned in the articles.

    I also am so glad for Adam Scott. He is so mature for his age and I know he will always be an example of good sportsmanship in the game.
    That is the memory I choose to keep in my mind.

  4. I don’t think Steve Williams will ever let this saga go. I have to give respect to Adam Scott who is stuck in the middle. I am sure he felt angry and disappointed when Steve Williams cam out after his win but he was so professional in his interview Adam Scott after that had happened.
    As for the Perez video its down due to copyright.

  5. Mark says:

    Who is next Tiger Caddy?

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