John Daly Quits Austrian Open Mid-Round

Yes, John Daly is in the news again, and it’s not because he finally won a tournament, shot a course record, or even made a cut.  No, big JD managed to knock himself right out of the Austrian Open today after he decided it would be better to just quit and go home, than to accept a 2 stroke penalty for an incorrect drop.
The error came on the 15th hole when Daly was attempting to take relief from a T.V. tower that was in place for the tournament.  Apparently he did not take “full relief” under the rules, and his subsequent drop was too close to the tower he was trying to gain relief from.  Unfortunately, Daly did not find out there was a problem with the drop until he and his playing partners had already started on the 16th hole.  Officials called Daly back to the spot where the drop took place and had him explain exactly where the drop occurred.  The ruling was that he did not take full relief from the tower and when Daly was told that the penalty was 2 strokes, he replied “I’m Done”, and proceeded to shake his fellow competitors hands and took off for the parking lot.

I for one wouldn’t be surprised if there was an interview in the parking lot in which John professed that he’s quitting the game for good (again).  The guy obviously has some non-golf related issues going on if a two stroke penalty causes one to walk off the course.  Sure he did put a ball in the water on the two holes prior to the drop incident, but he was only 4 over for the tourney.  I guess sometimes enough is enough.  If I walked off the course every time I had to take a penalty stroke, I’d never get 9 holes in.

17 Responses to “John Daly Quits Austrian Open Mid-Round”

  1. It’s too bad Daly quit. Maybe rules need to be printed on the tv towers to remind players exactly what is needed to do!

    Ray :

  2. Avinash says:

    IMO he should have continued to play as a true sportsman.

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  3. Troy Vayanos says:

    It’s a shame he keeps finding himself in trouble. I would think the professionals have been around long enough to know all the rules by now.

    Usually these days they check with an official if they are in any doubt.

  4. I can understand the frustration and anger, I’ve had anxiety problems and sometimes a small mistake can feel like it encapsulates every part of my life. He’s a professional, though! That kind of behavior isn’t acceptable.

  5. Even with taking the penalty, I think he should have finished. It seems very unsportsman-like to quit because you are too proud and know that you will not win.

  6. Christoph says:

    Pardon my complete ignorance, but where is the definition of total relief that says one has to be a minimum of one clublength awy from the obstacle one wishes to get relief from?
    Obviously, JDs stance nor his swing were being hindered by the tower so why didn’t his droppoint count as proper relief?

    • Christian says:

      Yeah I’m not sure about that either. There must be some rules regarding tournament stands and tv towers that are inherent to PGA tournament play. I’m not sure why if it wasn’t in the way of his stance or full swing that it wouldn’t be considered “full relief”.

  7. golfworld118 says:

    there must be something else that caused the quit, except taking the penalty. but no matter what, it is a pity. I don’t think that anyone wants to see any player quiting. Daly did not know what would happen then…

  8. I love John Daly, but he can go into a low mental state where he feels hopeless. That is how he has taken an 18 on a hole. It is a self destructive mindset, we should feel sorry for him.


  9. Shyam Pappu says:

    Lol! The tagline at says
    Just Play Anyway!

    I agree with the others, Christian, that he should have continued on
    to play

  10. Jiwa says:

    I love John Daly, but he can go into a low mental state where he feels hopeless. We should feel sorry for him that he lost the game.


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  12. I like to jhon Daly,
    although you again are not good conditions and make you a bad game, but I still loved you.

  13. Golf Corners says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with John Daly’s walk off as it shows disrespect to the tournament and rules, but the rule seems pretty ludicrous to me. The TV tower is an addition for entertainment purposes and quite frankly makes courses more challenging. It should not be the player’s fault that the TV stand got in the way. If you ask me they should have moved the TV tower out of the way and left the ball alone!

  14. I hope JD can return to golf greatness again. There is no telling what his issue is. Whatever it may be, hopefully he can get back to playing great golf and winning.

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