Lobbying for Sport

Article by Jack Lundee of Everything Left – A supporter of all things progressive and green.

Who would have ever thought that economics, politics and sports would intersect? The lines were blurred last week when Former President Clinton met with President Obama to discuss economics. On the 24th of September, President Obama was noted reinforcing his economic proposal that would essentially cut taxes and spending while extending benefits for long-term unemployed and financial aid for prevention layoffs.

Alongside close personal counselor and aide Doug Band and William Daley, Clinton entertained Obama’s plan once again during 18 holes at Andrews Air Force Base. The meeting was perceived less formal, but still regarded as highly beneficial and celebratory.

Yet, Obama isn’t the first president to hit the links; he’s actually the 17th since William McKinley (1897).  It’s also not the first time Obama has played golf where politics or money outweighed birdies or eagles. In June, he played a round with John Boehner of the 8th District of Ohio where they were able to re manufacturer their congressional negotiations and discussion regarding a long-term deficit reduction plan and raising the government’s borrowing authority.


It’s nice to see our country’s leaders engaging in athletics that the average sports enthusiast loves. It’s a chance for them to discuss economic topics like the proposed tax and spending cuts that Obama’s pushed for some time. Obama and Clinton have had multiple opportunities to sit and discuss better ways to lead this country, but never on the golf course. Obama continues to give praise to Clinton, who did the same for him on his $477 billion job plan in previous CGI Conferences. The plan hopes to create new jobs and tackle long-term debt issues.

With the media attention surrounding their recent outing, Obama continues to spread his “Push forward with me” message to followers and cynics alike. Similar to what Clinton had to offer during his campaign, the plan should ideally help all classes and eventually lift millions out of poverty. Golf has and will continue to be a symposium for economic and political discourse. It’s proven so time and again as some of our nations greatest leaders have met to address such issues. Any day that the two meet can be considered advantageous for the American Economy.


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  • Matt Montgomery
    October 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Sports, and the game of golf more specifically, teaches us many life lessons. It is great to see Obama be relatively active in sports. The game of golf is more than a hobby that takes up too much land, it is a game that has helped shape the lives of countless individuals.

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    October 20, 2011 at 11:11 pm

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