Singh vs. Sabbatini Fist Fight – Who Wins?

vj-sabbatini-altercationWith the Golf Channel reporting that Vijay Singh and Rory Sabbatini had engaged in some sort of verbal altercation during the final round of the Sony Open, it begs the question;  who would win in fist fight between these two?  I realize that golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game and all, but lets just say that their verbal argument was taken to the next level and these guys decided to throw down in the parking lot, or even on the 18th green.  Who’s the favorite in this bout?

Vijay’s in his 40’s which could definitely be a disadvantage, but he’s probably one of the most fit guys on tour, so I think he’d have the stamina to keep up in a 3-5 minute fight.  He’s also well over 6 feet tall, with a good reach, and while his quiet demeanor might make him seem like a push over,  but you know the old saying about watching out for the quiet ones.  I think Vijay could hold his own.

Rory’s not very tall, but he’s got a fiery attitude that’s gotten him into trouble before.  From what I can see that would be the only thing going in his favor in this fight.  If he could get a couple licks in early and stun Singh, he might have a chance at taking him down.   This is if we’re talking traditional fist fighting, not MMA type stuff.

So who do you think would win if these two got into a parking lot brawl?

10 Responses to “Singh vs. Sabbatini Fist Fight – Who Wins?”

  1. Jared says:

    I think VJ would win. He looks like he has a lot of pent up aggression.

  2. Jack says:

    These guys need to take a couple of days off, get together and have a drink and shake hands.

  3. Chuck Hamby says:

    V J would throttle Sabbatini..You forget VJ bounced in some of the toughest bars when he was trying to get on tour Vj wouldnt even get touched by that clown before VJ beat him Down!!!

  4. I think most fans are hoping they pound each other to a pulp. Two of the most boorish and selfish players in tour history.

  5. Cam says:

    With the amount of balls Vijay hits everyday, I’m betting that he could go the distance and take him down.

  6. VJ all the way!! You can just tell the guy would fight like an animal!!!

  7. huskyhater says:

    Vijay used to be a bouncer, Vijay all the way.

  8. David says:

    I’d say Rory. He’s got heart and fire. Rocky style all the way.

  9. Golf Top 18 says:

    VJ would rock it. As long as Rory didn’t bring any golf clubs into the mix.

  10. Let them Go at it…!!! I don’t think there is a venue big enough to hold both their egos….lol