Augusta National Still Doesn’t Like the Ladies

Augusta NationalIt’s back as a hot topic of discussion again at the Masters this year; Should Augusta National allow women to become members?  It’s been the board’s policy to this point that the club remain exclusively male.  Hell they only allowed the first black member to join back in 1990, so it looks like the possibility of seeing the ladies playing Augusta National is a ways off.  However, because IBM’s title sponsorship of the the Masters guarantees club membership for it’s corporate officers, and one of the top exec’s at IBM, Ginni Rometty, is a woman, this put’s the good ol’ boys in Georgia in quite a pinch.  Do they amend their policy and grand Rometty a membership, while forever changing the history of their beloved country club?  Or do they stand firm and risk losing IBM as the Masters major sponsor, as well as the top male executives at IBM who already have been given membership?  Oh this puts Billy Payne and the AN board in quite a difficult position.
Then there’s the question of why does the PGA tour sanction an event at a venue which discriminates against women?  This certainly isn’t the image that the PGA tour wants to be associated with, but it’s kind of like the elephant in the room that everyone just tries to ignore.  Well unfortunately this year, the elephant is making a lot of noise and starting to break things, so it’s going to be difficult to sweep this issue under the rug much longer.  Personally, I like the traditions of the Masters.  I’m fine with it being a “Male Only Club”, but when there’s a policy that sponsor exec’s get memberships, and you’ve got women in top spots, it’s hard to have two sets of rules.

What do you think, should Augusta National make an exception and allow Ms. Rometty to become a member?  Will this set an unwanted precedent and open the flood gates to having more women join?  And will the LPGA be knocking on the door next to hold the Women’s Masters at the hallowed course?

7 Responses to “Augusta National Still Doesn’t Like the Ladies”

  1. Otis says:

    What’s so wrong if Augusta will accept female golfers? Female golfers nowadays are damn good. I think Augusta should think of considering this. Ms. Rometty is great too.

    • Tiger says:

      What’s wrong with all these golf clubs?? Isn’t a male or female golfer still a golfer? I mean, we’re all looking to practise, enjoy the game and learn how to improve your swing.

      Isn’t that the case here??

      I rest my case.

  2. Jack says:

    I totally agree with you Otis!

  3. Why not let women join. After all this is the USA right. Land of the free. It wasn’t that long ago they let Afro Americans join. I just don’t understand what’s the big deal is. The LPGA is full of great women golfers. They wouldn’t hurt the prestige of Augusta National at all.

  4. Victor Serratore says:

    Golf is a sport – why does it matter if you are female or male? I knwo some female golfers that are much better than me, and it is entertaining to watch golf no matter the gender. What is the big deal?

  5. Tradition is an important thing to many people, however, we live in a society where tradition is constantly being tested and each generation is demolishing and creating new traditions. Tradition has always been two steps behind our culture, and I believe the game of golf is a prime example of this. If Augusta wants to gain more respect and keep up with the ideals of our current society, they need to allow membership among women and realize that they are living two decades behind the rest of the world.

  6. This is pretty shocking! I’m amazed that Augusta National still enforces the “male only” rule. I think if Augusta did indeed decide to amend its rules to allow female golfers, and IBM dropped as a sponsor, that would reflect poorly on IBM as a company. I know the “Guys Only” rule wouldn’t float to well amongst the golf community here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I think female golfers bring a lot to the game of golf, and their contribution only enhances golf as a sport.