Win a Pair of the New Crocs Golf Shoes

crocs golf shoesIf you managed to catch any episodes of the most recent Haney Project on the Golf Channel, you probably noticed that Hank was wearing some cool looking casual style shoes in many of the shots.    Well those are the new line of golf shoes by Crocs.  They currently have three Mens models, the Preston, Bradyn, Drayden and a Women’s Bradyn coming out soon.

Let me tell you that these shoes don’t just look good, they are serious golf shoes that perform as well as any traditional golf shoe, and they’re a heck of a lot more comfortable than your Footjoy Classics.

Crocs sent me a pair of the Bradyn’s to test out and when they arrived I wore them around the house for a while just to see how they felt.  I literally could have worn them the rest of the day and forgotten that I was actually wearing golf shoes.  The Crocs do run a little snug, so going up one size from what you normally wear probably isn’t a bad idea.  Over the next week or so I played about 45 holes in these shoes, walking 27 of those.

My feet were not aching or sore after any of the rounds.  I did have a small blister starting on my little toe, but that’s probably because they do run small, and unfortunately the golf lineup doesn’t currently come in size 14.  I did notice that only after a couple rounds, the Bradyn’s were starting to stretch out and have a little more room for your feet to breathe.

On the course, the Bradyn’s performed great.  These are spikeless golf shoes, but the traction from the molded multi-cleat design is excellent.  I didn’t notice any slipping or “spin-outs” on any shot I played. 100% stable, even in damp, morning conditions.

One of the things I liked the best about the Crocs was the weight.  At around 10 ounces, these shoes weigh almost nothing, so you don’t feel like your lugging around sandbags.  I walk nearly every round I play, so keeping the weight down in my golf bag and my shoes is a must. The insole is also extremely comfortable and they’re water-resistant so they clean up well after a round in soggy conditions.

You can’t beat the price either.  Since these shoes are obviously competing with the Ecco Street Premier golf shoe that you’ve probably seen Freddy Couples and Ernie Els wearing, at $99 the Crocs have the Ecco shoe beat by nearly $50.   With the money you save, you might as well buy two pairs.

The Verdict: I’m very impressed with how well this shoe feels and that it’s actually a real golf shoe.  You don’t have to sacrifice any performance on the course to have a shoe that’s as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers.  Definitely consider the Crocs if you’re thinking of picking up a new pair for the season.  Or, just enter the contest below and you could win a pair.

win a pair of crocs golf shoes


Ok this is what you came here for in the first place right?  Crocs is going to give away a pair of  the new line of golf shoes to 2 lucky winners.  It’s really easy to enter, just follow the steps below and you’ll be included in the contest.

  1. Visit the Crocs Website HERE and write down the model, size and color combination of the golf shoe you would like to win.
  2. Then come back here to and comment on this article, including your shoe information in your comment.
  3. Make sure you enter a valid email address when you comment, because that’s how we will contact you if you win.

You’re now entered. Pretty simple. Good luck.

Two winners will be chosen at random on June 18th, 2012 at 5:00 PSD.  Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond.  If we receive no response, new winners will be chosen at random.  Winners who have selected the Women’s golf shoe will be sent a pair when they are released to the public.

63 Responses to “Win a Pair of the New Crocs Golf Shoes”

  1. Daniel Taormina says:

    I have tried many different golf shoes and would to try the draydens white sixe10 in the crocs hope I win they look very comfortsble

  2. Rob Shirvanian says:

    I’m sure the Prestons Charcoal/Pumpkin size 13 will shave off at least a few strokes…if not at I’ll look damn good.

    • Christian says:

      I shaved off 3 strokes just by wearing these shoes. And I ran faster and jumped higher too. These are superhuman golf shoes! Ok I may be exaggerating a little, but they are cool.

  3. S Young says:

    I’d like to win the Bradyn Black/Parrot Green size 10
    Shoes look slick and cool.

    Thank you.

  4. Bob Lohr says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the selections, I am very surprised at the offering. Did not realize Croks were in the Golf Business and will certainly look closer to the Drayden in White size 10……….I will also take the time to review all of the offerings , as I am a Crok beleiever, have two pairs in blue and tan for around wate and the boat.

    Thanks again…..

    Bob Lohr

    • Fred Fox says:

      I looked at’em–and sent my comments to CROCS for a try of the white Drayden in a 12..I have foot neuropathy..I have three pair of pain-to-wear golf shoes…If the CROCS allow me to enjoy my game, I buy..If not,I don’t need a fourth pair..If I win’em and they work–I testify for CROCS..If not, I send’em back….

  5. EDWIN says:

    greatest shoes on the planet, not only practical but they look good too… they look really comfortable. preston espresso/khaki size 8.5

  6. Just like Rob said it may help my score??? If not I will look pretty anway. Ha Ha

  7. 10 1/2 Preston charcoal/pumpkin

  8. Dan Yusz says:

    Preston Black/Sea Blue Size 9

  9. Ron Vaive says:

    I like the Braydn size 10, Parrot green.

  10. Jerry Korea says:

    I am sure if I won a pair of Croc Preston size 13 in Black/Sea Blue that I would not only shave strokes of my game but also look stylin’ on the course which of course is most important.

  11. Golfergurl says:

    Work at a golf course, would love to get a pair of these.

    Women’s Brayden

    Size 9
    Colour Fuchia/White

  12. Kevin Clemmer says:

    When I learned about Crocs for golf MY TOES STARTED TWITCHING!

    I’d love to try out the Men’s size 9 Preston in Espresso/Khaki!

  13. Johnathan Arvin says:

    Love the product and the brand! Just in the Panama City store over the weekend! Would love to try the Brayden Mens Size 11

  14. Christian says:

    Thanks for all the entries so far. There’s still a week left, so if you’re reading this, but haven’t entered, pick a shoe you’d like to win and comment here.

  15. BILL says:

    SIZE 13 MED.

  16. Graham says:

    Consider me a fan. The men’s Braydn Espresso/White in size 10 would definitely be my pick.

  17. Stephan Schobel says:

    I went to and I would like to try the Drayden. I have tried a pair on at Golf Galaxy and they were very comfortable

  18. Christian says:

    The winners have been chosen and their names will be posted once we confirm their information. Thanks for all of the interest.