Preparing for Your Next Golf Trip

As serious golfers, playing golf is that one special moment in the day where it’s just us and that beautifully cut fairway, with the early morning fog rising, and our clubs bag; indeed a very beautiful scene. However, we really put our skills to practice when we discover new courses, we have to rethink possibilities, and dictate an acute sense of distance, power, and wind impact. Therefore many of us love to hit the road in search of new challenges in other golf courses. Today, we get very accurate reviews and references on where to golf, however, we can always use several tips on how to fully enjoy our golf trips with no hesitations.

Prepare a Budget – As we all know, golf course fees are within a very wide range of prices, some might be as low as $20, while others might easily be around $500. Therefore, you must first be sure of how much you want to spend in your trip. Will you take your car? Will you fly over there? Where will you stay? Transportation and accommodation costs need to be considered as well. Also, be sure to check discount packages and promotions, sometimes they really help. Remember that travelling in a group of buddies or with family is always better to save on some expenses.

Get information – Once you have established a budget, it’s time to investigate; do you want to go to just a golf resort? Or do you want fun for the whole family? Today, the internet is our best ally to find exactly the kind of courses and resorts we are looking for. Also, if there are specific features you are looking for when playing, make sure you consider them. For many golfers, climate and humidity are an important issue. Also, make sure your travel dates are not on days the golf course might be closed or hosting a private tournament.

Select your partners – Golf is a social sport, and most people enjoy to play it with partners. Most of us have golfing buddies we call every Friday night to assure we have their company on an early Saturday morning. However, tolerating your buddy for a 18 holes every week is not the same as having him/her 24 hours of the day with you on a trip that requires some planning and duties. Make sure (If you are not travelling with family) that you choose the right group to travel with. Consider from 4 to 8 people as a healthy number, and always have in mind group dynamics and possible tensions that might occur.

Details and stress management – We have all taken a trip before, and too often does something go wrong. We can plan all we want, but the unexpected can always occur. That is why its always better to have a checklist, check for details, and always have a plan B. For example, if you do not trust airlines, some companies offer overnight shipping on golf bags such as Golfship. Having a detailed itinerary might help, letting everybody know the tee times for each day, then no one can be miss informed.

Finally, remember, this trip is to have fun, enjoy a golf course, and time with friends or family, make sure you always keep that in mind, try to reduce stressful moments to a minimum.

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5 Responses to “Preparing for Your Next Golf Trip”

  1. HI thanks for putting together your site its work i know, if you are ever in france why not drop by and say hellow to us at the hotel all the best

  2. I seriously agree this point that, Golf is a social sport… Most people play golf because they want to show their social status.

  3. All good points. My crew does two trips a year (Spring and Fall). We frequent the same resort yearly for the first trip. They know us so we always get a deal. We use the second trip to try new places. It works great.

  4. Erin says:

    I have found it’s good to thoroughly research the courses with photos and reviews to make sure I’ve chosen the right course for the area I’m visiting.

  5. Golficity says:

    Good points especially in regards to budget. A good way to keep your trip under budget is to purchase a golf/stay package which a lot of resorts offer. Doing so will often provide you with a break on lodging, greens fees, or both.