Golf Wear with Technical Designs to Rival Skiwear

Strong waterproofing, full breathability and an unbeatable level of insulation – you would think that this was the design specification for the latest ski jacket, but no, we are talking about top quality golf wear. Many sportswear brands are increasingly finding that some of the technical design elements used in skiwear can actually be valuable qualities within the design of golf wear too.

Unless you are playing golf on the greens of Florida or the south of Spain, weather conditions are never certain. That’s why using technical elements such as breathable and insulating fabrics within golf clothing will allow the wearer to maintain comfort and movement while staying protected from whatever the weather conditions have in store.

One such brand that saw the potential in using the same technical fabrics found in skiwear for the creation of golf clothing is Sunice. Established in 1976 as a dynamic skiwear brand, Sunice recognised that the same protective elements used in their collection of ski clothing could also be advantageous to those playing golf – and the range of golf wear was born in 1992.

No one likes calling off a game just because of a spot of rain, and Sunice golf clothing comes with a Gore-Tex waterproof guarantee to ensure quality protection even in the dampest of weather conditions. Ideal for the year-round golfer, the high quality golf wear not only provides a technical design but also quality and stylish fits that will make sure you look the part both on and off the course.

Offering insulation that doesn’t compromise on performance, Sunice golf jackets feature insulating properties but with a completely stripped down design so that there is no unrequired material – ensuring not only a comfortable fit but also a great level of swing movement.

For additional freedom of movement, Sunice also offer a number of short sleeve cover-ups with innovative Gore-Tex materials, providing superior protection from the elements, allowing you to concentrate on your round, not the conditions.

Try out the technical designs of Sunice golf collection for your self – Sunice can be purchased from a number of leading golf clothing retailers including online golf store


2 Replies to “Golf Wear with Technical Designs to Rival Skiwear”
  • lee
    May 28, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    We All know that just because you have booked a tee off time doesnt mean the weather is going to play the game and let the sun shine on you. I for one think money is well spent on a decent pair of waterproofs.

  • otisdelarosa
    June 11, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Sunice golf collection is one great idea! I can now play golf on snowpart of the world.

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