Five Mobile Golf Apps that You Won’t Want to Miss!

The development of mobile apps has made playing eighteen holes a whole lot easier for golfers.

Organizations such as the USGA and NBC Sports have developed applications for mobile devices that allow golfers to access a wide range of useful information related to their golf game from the convenience of their smartphones.

Now, a golfer can check afternoon tee times while sitting through a morning meeting, look up the handicaps of the players in his group while at the first tee and post his score from his latest round whenever he finds the time, simply by accessing an app on his mobile phone.

Even if a golfer isn’t on the green, golf fans can still use a mobile device to keep up with the latest news in the realm of professional golf. Mobile apps make it easy for golf fans to learn more about their favorite professionals, check out the results of tournaments and the PGA Tour, and stay updated on the latest golf news.

Below is a list of five of the best mobile apps that any golfer or golf fan won’t want to miss!



“GolfNow”, a service of NBC Sports, is the largest online tee-time provider in the world. The “GolfNow” app allows golfers to book tee times 24/7 from their IPhone or Android devices.  The mobile application aggregates tee-times from over 4,000 courses and organizes and presents them according to selected factors such as geography, price and time of day.

With the application and a “GolfNow” account, golfers can book their tee-times without the hassle of calling or waiting on the phone.  The golfer simply selects the number of players, the date, time and the price. The app also uses GPS technology to find the closest courses to the user’s current location.

The Rules of Golf

image01“Rules of Golf” is a mobile application developed by the United States Golf Association.  As apparent in the title, this application is a mobile guidebook for playing golf as set out by the USGA. This application contains every rule, definition and decision that is possible in a game of golf. The application has a convenient search function so golfers can quickly and efficiently look up a rule when here is a dispute during play. This application is available for both Android and IPhone.

U.S. Open Golf Championship App


With the 2013 U.S. Open coming up on June 13-16, the U.S Open Golf Championship App is a must for any golf fan. Developed by IBM, this application provides any and all information that golf fans may want to know about the famous tournament.

Features of the App include detailed information about the course, including the par and yardage for each hole.  Users are also able to view detailed biographies of the players with information such as their Best U.S. Open finish and statistics such as fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts per round.  As the tournament progresses, fans can access exclusive news updates, photos and videos. In addition, the application has a Twitter tab where users can view a constant feed of tweets from golf experts and the professionals playing in the tournament.

GHIN Mobile App


GHIN, or the Golf Handicap and Information Network, mobile application is a service of the USGA. This application is for golfers who are members of a state or regional golf association. Through this application, players are able to post theirs scores via IPhone or tablet.  After posting, golfers are able to access a stats menu that includes information such as their scores by course/tee, nine hole/ combined scores and tournament scores.

This also application provides association information for golfers including a news feed, tournament calendar and sign-up, tournament pairings, real time scoring and results and also the association magazine.

In addition, this app allows for association golfers to view their USGA Handicap Index, as well as look up the Handicap Index for fellow golfers. The application can calculate the Handicaps for up to five additional partners. The app will also remember the partners and their handicaps from golf session to session.

My MGA Mobile App


My MGA is a mobile application for the IPhone, IPad and Android for members of the Metropolitan Golf Association. The app can be downloaded from the Android Market or the ITunes store or can be downloaded by scanning MGA’s customized QR Code.

The application allows association golfers to see upcoming MGA events on a calendar and register for upcoming MGA tournaments. As golfers play, they can post their scores in real time. They can also calculate their handicap using the Interactive Course Handicap Calculator and use the Handicap Index lookup the Handicaps of their fellow partners. In addition, MGA members can view association news, event results and live scoring, as well as watch the live feeds from MGA Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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3 Responses to “Five Mobile Golf Apps that You Won’t Want to Miss!”

  1. Very nice. I was not aware, that GHIN has a mobile app. Not too long ago I signed up with a new club here in Florida and started using their system in the shop again. But before that I utilized the GHIN website. It is exciting that I can now do it on the go with my Droid. Amazing that I did not think about it. I am working with my smartphone all the time and always look for helpful Apps. Thank you for posting.

    • Christian says:

      Yeah, same for me. I’ve had an iphone for years and didn’t even know there was a ghin app until i saw it on my friends Droid a few months ago. Pretty cool.

    • otisdelarosa says:

      Agree! So nice to know that there’s a GHIN app,didn’t realized that there’s one that works amazingly! Thanks for this post..