4 Week Golf Workout Plan

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Long gone are the days of out of shape, beer belly professional golfers who don’t take their health & fitness as seriously as their golf games.  With the insane amount of prize and endorsement money on the table, having ripped abs and biceps is almost a must for tour pros who want to compete at the highest levels.  We’ve seen this in Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and even back to the originator of golf fitness, the great Gary Player.

These players spend as much time working on flexibility, strength training and cardio performance as they do on their putting and short games.  So if these guys are so serious about their fitness routines, should’t you?  Unfortunately too many amateur golfers, who don’t have the benefit of expensive personal trainers, tend to do the wrong exercises, which may actually be hurting their golf games.  To see a benefit in your golf game from your workout regimen, you need to be specifically targeting the muscles and areas of the body that are used in the golf swing.  Which means the moves you do in the gym need to replicate the stress and movements that take place when you’re bombing a driver or hitting an iron from a side hill lie.  Eating healthy and using appropriate diet supplements  (see: forskolin extract) is also a huge benefit and goes a long way in boosting your golf workout plan.   You can read details about this golf plan at the link below.

The Men’s Health Golf Workout


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  • Richard
    January 11, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    That’s a great golf workout. These are excellent tips for the young golfers who cannot afford expensive golf trainers.

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