Hey, thanks for checking out the Tour Golf Blog. My name is Christian and I’m pretty much the guy who runs the show around here. Feel free to speak up and comment on what you like, what stinks or what I could be doing better here. The main goal of the Tour Golf Blog is to give you fun golf topics that you won’t find at some of those other golf blogs. Golf shouldn’t be boring and stuffy, so I like to mix it up and make fun of players and the game as much as possible.

So what are my qualifications you ask? I’ve been playing golf since I was 10 years old, so that’s about 24 years. I played 4 years on my High School golf team and have been as low as a 2 handicap during that time. I’m currently hovering around a 2 handicap.

Here’s what’s currently in my bag;

Driver: Titleist 913D3 8.5*, Diamana White Board

3 Wood : Titleist FD 13.5*  Diamana D+

Hybrid: Titleist fD 19* Diamana Ahina

Irons: 3-9 Callaway X Prototype

PW: Titleist Vokey SM4 Spin Milled 46*

SW: Titleist Vokey TVD Spin Milled 53*

LW: Titleist Vokey TVD Spin Milled  60*

Putter: Scotty Cameron GoLo

And for this blog…I’ve been designing, building & marketing websites since the late 90’s. I’ve never been much of a writer, as you can tell by my lousy grammar and spelling, but I enjoy writing about anything golf related. I’m happy to have people reading my rant’s, but even if no one was reading, I’d still be posting as much as I do. Please enjoy the blog and take part in the festivities. Every Friday is “Jeans” day here and we BBQ on Thursdays.

Thanks. Christian

Oh by the way, If I don’t post anything new on the blog for a couple days, please don’t think I’m neglecting you. I’ll get something up soon, so please don’t forget about me.

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