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Best Winter Golf Courses in UK

Winter is definitely on its way, but falling temperatures and dark mornings do not mean that you have to sacrifice time spent on the golf course. There are plenty of golf courses in the UK which are still suitable for winter play, and here is our pick of the best for golfers not afraid of […]

Marriott’s Top Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Marriott’s Favorite Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach – An infographic by the team at Marriott’s Favorite Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach View Marriott’s Top 10 Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach, SC in a larger map

Preparing for Your Next Golf Trip

As serious golfers, playing golf is that one special moment in the day where it’s just us and that beautifully cut fairway, with the early morning fog rising, and our clubs bag; indeed a very beautiful scene. However, we really put our skills to practice when we discover new courses, we have to rethink possibilities, […]

Best Time of the Year to Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to over 90 golf courses, making it the favorite golf vacation destination for many. If you’re interested in making the trip, but you’re wondering what exactly the best time of the year to golf in Myrtle Beach is – we’ve got you covered! I’m going to layout the advantages […]

What’s the craziest golf hole you’ve played?

Every once and while you run across a golf hole and just wonder “was the course architect on dope when he designed this?” I’ve played some holes that just don’t make sense. A 112 yard par 3 at the local municipal course comes to mind. So what’s strange about a short par 3 you ask? Well, you tee off on the side of a cliff for starters.