Camilo Villegas DQ’d by Television Viewer. Right or Wrong?

If you watched any of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions last week, you probably heard that Camilo Villegas was disqualified after the first round for signing an incorrect score card.  Villegas was chipping up the slope to the 15th green when the ball twice rolled back toward him. The second time, Villegas walked over and […]

A Coyote moved my golf ball..what’s the ruling?

Yesterday I’m out getting 9 holes in around dusk, and I hit my approach shot into a green side bunker on the #3 . As I’m walking up to the green, a Coyote comes from out of the brush, runs into the bunker and picks up my ball. He proceeds to carry it back into the trees when I yell at him. He stops and looks back at me and then drops my ball about 40-50 feet away from the balls original position in the bunker, and on a lousy, hard pan lie I might add.