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Big Break Disney & Andrew Giuliani

For those of you who are following the latest season of the Golf Channel’s Big Break, you’ll by now have heard of the aspiring PGA Tour player Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy Giuliani.  You’ll also probably have realized that the guy has the gift of gab, and it seems to be rubbing some of his […]

Florida Gators pick up Ex Big Break contestant for head coaching spot.

The Florida Gators recently decided to launch their old Women’s golf coach, who led the team to an uninspiring 16th place in the NCAA East regional tournament last year. And they hired ex Big Breaker Jan Dowling, who was on BB III back in the day. You remember that one right, with Pam and Danielle at each other’s throat for half the series. Man was that great.

The Big Break drives me crazy

Is it just me or does the Big Break produce some of the worst golf ever shown on television? I always expect to see some of these golfers shine, when given such a great venue to play for great prizes and opportunity, but what is it that makes the contestants play so lousy? Is it […]

The Big Break – Prince Edward Island, starts TONIGHT!

If you’ve been going through Big Break withdrawls, like I have, then you’ll be happy to know your fix is on the way.  The all new BB on Prince Edward Island on the Golf Channel starts Monday, April 20th…TONIGHT! Looks like there’s a good looking lineup this time round…but will they have any game?  Can’t […]

Big Break X Michigan Week 5 Recap

I have to be honest, this week’s Big Break was rather uninteresting, other than the antics of “We hit it hard, that’s what we do” David of the “David & Sally show.  Still the weakest team on the show if you ask me.   It definitely appears that the rest of the players are starting to […]