Your Golf Game Needs a Pre-Shot Routine

What’s one of the things all professional golfers have in common?  Yeah, you guessed it, they all have a pre-shot routine they they follow almost to the letter.  Now why is it that so many amateur / recreational golfers don’t follow this cue from the pro’s?  We’re all wishing that we had the same game […]

Improve your golf game by keeping stats.

Statistics are important in all sports, but this especially the case with golf, because it’s the only true way to determine proficiency at the various areas of the game.  One of the best things I ever did when I really wanted to begin tracking my golf progress was to start keeping statistics of every round […]

Use the 2 tee drill to help accelerate through putts

Are you having trouble getting the ball to the hole? Or do you consistently pull and push your putts? This may be a deceleration problem? Here’s a simple drill that uses two tees to help you learn the feel of accelerating through the putt. This will have you rolling the ball truer and on a straighter line only after a few sessions.

Are You a Shanker?

I really hate even bringing up the dreaded “S” word, but maybe talking about it will help some of us overcome the disease. I’d love to hear your shank stories . Where have you shanked? With what club? Do you constantly worry about banging one off the hosel? Have you been able to shank-proof your swing or find a shank-proof club? Have you hit somebody, broken something, sought the help of a pro?